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I sat nervously at the top of the mountain with a snowboard, staring down a double black diamond that seemed to trail off into nowhere. The icy wind biting at my face as I grit my teeth and reminded myself that, “speed is my friend.” Speed provides agility to instinctively maneuver, trusting myself and others around me as I navigate my way down. The second I start to slow down or overthink the situation, I’ll find myself with a face full of snow. Similarly, this concept of speed and agility can be applied to building products that customers love — move faster than the market and continually adapt as you learn. If it’s not slightly uncomfortable than you’re not moving fast enough. Don’t strive for perfection or hide behind the comfort of a plan — instead optimize for fast decision making, disciplined focus and speed of experimentation and learning. When you inevitab... (more)

Questions to Ask When Evaluating Server Provisioning Tools | @DevOpsSummit #DevOps

Note: Originally Posted to Every technology market has a set of questions that is good to have on hand when you look at the products that serve the market. This is true of every space I’ve worked in, and true with every vendor I’ve worked for. The key is that there are not golden answers to most of these questions. The importance of a given question deeply depends upon your environment. With that said, I’ll throw a bunch of starting questions out here, with the goal of helping some projects get moving along a little faster. Remember to weight these based on import... (more)

Craig Balding: The Belgian Beer Lovers Guide to Cloud Security

This slide presentation by Craig Balding is informative not only about Cloud security but about Belgian beer also. And I have to tip my hat to anyone who can do a full beer-themed presentation about Cloud security and not make a corny joke about "cloudy" beer. The slides are here: ... (more)

St. Patrick's Day Parade in New York City

Every year on March 17th, everything between 44th Street to 86th Street on Fifth Avenue in New York City goes green!  Book a hotel in New York City in advance and be part of the world’s largest St. Patrick’s Day Parade.   Nearly 150,000 people march in the annual parade, which starts at 11:00 a.m., with millions watching along the parade route and watching on television. Though the parade is definitely a big party, it also has its somber moments. A few years back, the parade was dedicated to the “Heroes of 9/11” including fire, police, and rescue workers.  Each year around noon, ... (more)

SSP Failure to Cloud Storage Success

Storability 10 year Reunion Years ago, a few buddies and I started one of the first cloud storage providers. Of course, we didn’t call it cloud storage back then, but we merry band of brithers (and sisters), we first generation Storage Service Providers (1gSSPs) were cloud storage way before the cloud was cool. All the 1gSSPs – StorageNetworks, ScaleEight, StorageWay, Sanrise, and others – failed. The core problem was and still is that renting raw capacity over the network is a lousy business model. 1gSSPs couldn’t sustainably buy their storage cheaper than their retail customers ... (more)

Have a Seat Mr. Website Owner, It’s Time for a Little Introspection

When a client signs a contract with me for a web design, the first thing I do is send them a three page questionnaire and request they answer as many questions as they deem appropriate. This questionnaire helps me get inside their heads and it helps me better understand their marketing objectives, the opinion of their existing website, and their overall view of internet marketing. I ask a lot of questions about the current and future state of their sales process and marketing programs. While these questions are informative, I definitely have a few questions that are my favorites... (more)