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Okay, I am weird (tell me something that I don’t know, say most of my friends).  For Christmas I wanted a Nike Apple Watch to go with my existing FitBit and Garmin fitness trackers (I look sort of like a cyborg in the photo below…which is always cool). While I was intrigued by the ability to do all sorts of cool things on the Apple Watch (like take a phone call and talk into my wrist watch like Dick Tracy), the thing that most intrigued me was the ability to buy third-party apps that could yield detailed exercise and health data.  I was hoping that this detailed exercise and health data could help me understand what effect particular behaviors or activities (or lack of particular behaviors and activities) were having on my overall health. Why is this important to me?  You can thank articles like “Unexpected Heart Attack Triggers” for my health and exercise anxiety.... (more)

Using ServiceNow as a Platform for Organizational Transformation

Each year, a San Diego-based company releases its product up to 45 times. The company develops several new releases concurrently and, as you would expect, each release is subject to extensive testing and compliance requirements. But this isn’t a software company I’m talking about. This company’s product dates back thousands of years: beer. Stone Brewing is one of the largest and oldest craft brewers in the country. Craft brewing has become a fast moving and highly competitive market, so the company releases as many as forty-five new beers each year. This pace of new development and the need to compete in a fast-moving market led Brian Andrews, the company’s VP of IT, to turn to ServiceNow as a platform that could help him automate critical business processes. Beyond merely increasing automation, he saw an opportunity to use the platform to drive the organizational tr... (more)

Award-Winning Saint Arnold Summer Pils Returns

HOUSTON, April 27, 2009 – There may be a drought across much of Texas, but craft beer fans will not have to go thirsty this summer. Saint Arnold Brewing, the oldest craft brewery in Texas, today announced the long-awaited reintroduction of Saint Arnold Summer Pils. Beginning May 1, 2009, Saint Arnold Summer Pils will be available on tap and in 12-ounce bottles sold in six-packs and cases as stock of Saint Arnold Spring Bock are exhausted. It will be available throughout Texas at grocery and liquor stores, bars and restaurants. This is the first time Saint Arnold Summer Pils has been available since winning the Silver Medal in the Münchner-Style Helles category at the 2008 Great American Beer Festival (GABF). Saint Arnold Summer Pils is a delicately flavored Bohemian-style pilsner. “We tweaked the recipe a few years ago and the end result was light and refreshing w... (more)

Converge+UK mashes up design, business & technology at Google Campus in Shoreditch

Converge+UK is a new series of events to bring together designers, developers, entrepreneurs and investors. The events are being toured around the various startup incubators in London over the course of 2012 and 2013. Converge+UK is being run on a non-profit basis and tickets are usually five pounds. The next event is on 3 October at the Innovation Warehouse. Innovation happens when people from different backgrounds are thrown together. So 31 August 2012 saw 50 designers, developers and entrepreneurs converge on the Google startup incubator in Shoreditch. The event was the launch of Converge+UK, which is a community forum to bring together people from different backgrounds and encourage healthy debate. The event was co-founded by a diverse group of London professionals including David Clare, Sallie Bale, Dan George, Klaus Bravenboer, Tim McCready and Peter Thomson. ... (more)

A guest post on VentureBeat

As part of the work I’m doing to help assemble the programme for this year’s CloudBeat conference (you should come, you’ll love it), I had a guest post published on VentureBeat earlier today. The big vendor extravaganzas – the Dreamforces and OpenWorlds and I/Os of the world – wrap attendees in a warm and fuzzy blanket of free swag and free beer and free rock concerts. They might – just for a moment – succeed in persuading you that they have everything you could ever need. They do cloud. They know cloud. Some, unbelievably, will even sell you the cloud in a box! The real world is more complex, and more hybrid. Few companies, big or small, will buy everything they need from a single IT supplier. And that’s what the post is about. Yes, it’s a plug for CloudBeat (where we’ll be assembling some great stories of customer success)… but the underlying point is valid wheth... (more)

Saint Arnold Wins Gold, Prepares to Bid Farewell to Original Brewery

HOUSTON, September 28, 2009 - The crew from Saint Arnold Brewing Company (, the oldest craft brewery in Texas, is returning from the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) with gold. They won't bother finding a spot to hang the medal, though, because their offices and brewing operations will soon be moving to their new brewery in a historic building on the north side of downtown Houston. Judges in the Munich Style Helles category awarded the gold medal to Saint Arnold Summer Pils, the brewery's summer seasonal. This is the fourth time Saint Arnold Summer Pils has earned a medal at the GABF in this category.  It previously won silver in 2008, 2005 and 2003.  The brewery has now won a total of 13 medals at the GABF over the past 11 years. Saint Arnold Summer Pils is brewed every spring and available during the summer months throughout Texas. It is a c... (more)

ADO.NET Data Services Projections Makes Sliced Bread Jealous

The other day I ran into a blog entry from the Astoria team discussing the projections feature of the 1.5 CTP2 version of the product. If you're not familiar with ADO.NET Data Services (formerly codenamed Astoria), it's basically a layer that you can put on top of an Entity Data Model and it will expose that model as a RESTful service. The URL format for this RESTful service is quite flexible, allowing you to select individual rows, perform filters, sorts, and many other things. One of the new things that you can now do server-side via the new CTP2 URL syntax is projections. Projections actually allow you to control the shape of the output coming back. You can specifically choose which properties on the entity you want. Even more awesome is that this can be controller hierarchically. So if you bring back an Order entity and you include all of the OrderItem entities... (more)

Images of the National Socialist German Workers Party

NSDAP Images www. Holocaust Research Project         [Next] [Last]   1922 NSDAP Delegation in Coburg 800 X 512 92 KB 1934 NSDAP rally in Nuremberg 433 X 599 95 KB A truck of the fascist Nazi party drives through the Prenzlauer Promenade in Berlin - Pankow. 800 X 544 95 KB Action Reinhard killer Willi Mentz's NSDAP card 700 X 441 83 KB Adolf Hitler and Joseph Goebbels with Nazi Party officials in 1926 640 X 440 73 KB Adolf Hitler and other dignitaries at the opening of the Nazi Party museum in the Sterneckerbraeuhaus the Party's first headquarters 706 X 450 63 KB Adolf Hitler casts his vote at a Berlin polling station set up in a schoolroom. (March 1933) 640 X 443 46 KB Adolf Hitler leads an SA unit in a Nazi Party parade in Weimar, 1931. 640 X 393 60 KB Adolf Hitler NSDAP Party Leader 480 X 685 67 KB Adolf Hitler poses with members of his new government soon after his appoin... (more)

Bud Light Celebrates The Return Of Football With Debut Of The Bud Light Fantasy Football League

ST. LOUIS, Aug. 31, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Bud Light, the official beer sponsor of the National Football League, is bringing fans a new take on an old classic with the Bud Light Fantasy Football League (FFL), a season-long game that allows fans to "draft" their fantasy roster from nearly a billion specially marked Bud Light bottles. Adult fans, 21 years of age and older, can now register for the Bud Light Fantasy Football League at, where they will select their favorite team and be placed in that team's "league." Each individual FFL participant will be challenged to build weekly teams of five positions – quarterback, running back, wide receiver/tight end, kicker and defense – using codes obtained from specially-marked 12-ounce bottles of Bud Light throughout the season. Each code represents a NFL team's position, and the more bottle codes players... (more)

An Enterprise and Software Architect's Tools of the Trade

I have been doing Software Architecture for 16 years and Enterprise Architecture for the past few. Along with architecture I usually find as part of each gig, if not the main focus of each gig, process implementation or at least process improvement is required. It is not easy keeping up the latest technologies, processes, architectural techniques, and enterprise architecture framework improvements. I am a firm believer that to be an architect, you must also be an experienced developer. I do not believe in the hands off architect role and wish the Ivory Tower Architects would stop claiming to be Architects. They are theorist not architects. Modeling, Governance, and documenting are part of the architect's job, but in order to produce valuable artifacts you need to be getting your hands dirty. I also run into a ton of Googler-Developers. Meaning they have no idea why ... (more)

Anthony Soave Builds Success by Understanding Value and Potential

Anthony Soave uses his innate ability to spot potential and value in people, equipment, and companies others might disregard. Soave Enterprises is led by an experienced and professional executive team who share a common goal of getting the job done right and following a united path towards success.  For Anthony Soave, his team is his right hand, providing the support, guidance, and insight necessary to continue to build success in this modern era.  However, ever since his beginnings, Soave has set a standard for pushing the envelope.  With a lot of hard work and little good fortune, Soave has consistently found success in his diverse business dealings.  Instead of proceeding with the usual horse-before-the-cart business plan, Soave often jumps in headfirst and works out the details later.  It is this intelligent ability to take a risk that has really catapulted Soa... (more)